IT support

For some time now I have also offered another service for private individuals:
Advice and help with setting up and operating a computer, tablet or smartphone as well as various software.

Tablet, smartphone or PC

Whether Windows PC or Mac, Android or iOS – thanks to many years of experience in the operation and installation of many different systems, I can help there, where inexperienced or older users feel overwhelmed, but do not want to look “stupid”.

For whom?

Often I have to deal with older people who have become curious about iPad and other gadgets – sometimes by their friends, children or other relatives – and who have some specific applications or purposes in mind, but so far simply had no access to modern technology. Although they can operate their TVs and DVD players, there is often a barrier when it comes to IT.

Step by step, I introduce these people to the new devices, and assist them in the setup of a Google or iCloud account and help them create secure passwords. Additionally, I give general safety advice on the usage of the Internet.

Backup, backup, and backup again

A very important topic is also backups. If neglected, it can, in the worst case, lead to losing irreplaceable memories in the form of photos and videos. It does not have to come so badly, if you use at least the basic and often vendor supplied backup strategies, whether on the external hard drive, a NAS (Network Attached Storage) system or in the cloud.


New installations, simple hardware extensions such as memory, hard disk or SSD installation on PCs are also included. Don´t worry: When it comes to not readily recoverable hardware defects, I recommend to contact the manufacturer or dealer for more hardware-related service.

Important at this point: This is a service that I offer only to private individuals, not to businesses.

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