web development

If it’s not about designing a new website, but programming and web development, then I’m your web developer. You have e.g. already a finished design to be implemented in HTML and CSS? No problem.

I’ll help you with the implementation of your ideas and advise you on the technical possibilities, give food for thought about website security and the extension of the site´s functionality.

In many cases, it makes sense to install a Content Management System (CMS) to easily manage your content. I recommend WordPress or Joomla and install them with a selected set of extensions.

All about the domain

Every website needs a suitable domain. Even if you already have the perfect domain name, it can happen that the relaunch of the website or your new shop proves that the current webhost does not meet the current service or price requirements. But don´t worry – I´ll help you to move your site to another place.

On the subject of e-mail: Here, too, I provide uncomplicated support and help you set up your e-mail address and link it to your website – be it via a contact form, or for example when using an SMTP mail plugin for WordPress, or if you want to link your e-mail domain to GMail via GSuite.

TLS / SSL right from the start

Since the topic of security and encryption is getting more and more current, I use TLS / SSL encryption right from the start for all newly started web projects. The visitor can thus reach the website via an encrypted https connection. The advantage is obvious, and if you configure your web server or hosting package correctly at the beginning, the effort is much lower than if you want to make up for it later.
And this measure does not have to cost much! Often, hosting providers now also offer the possibility to install free but technically just as secure certificates as fee-based on the basis of letsencrypt. For the secure transmission of personal data, e.g. via a contact form, the encryption is required anyway – that´s my opinion!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You can put a lot of effort, time and money into search engine optimization, and that can be money well spent. Especially if you operate an extensive shop system with many hundreds of products and dozens of product categories. Or a blog with a lot of articles. But you can achieve a lot by focusing on the basics. These include things like:

– linking your site to the Google Search Console or other search engine´s web tools
– the clean construction of the source code, especially the headings
– providing images (optimized in size) with alt tags
– creating a meaningful meta description
– carefully placing the relevant keywords in headings and the body text of a page

New features and content

I’ll add new features, modules, and plugins to your site, help with search engine optimization (SEO), troubleshoot problems, create banners, placements, or help create newsletters. You need more subpages or landing pages? Again, I stand by your side.

Custom post types in WordPress (Custom Post Types) are useful if you want to implement new ideas, such as podcast episodes, travels, or other types of content – I’ll be happy to tailor almost anything for you!

If there are any problems detected or new features need in the backend, I am happy to help you. e-mail dispatch and confirmation functions, editor solutions such as WebYep, form checks, tariffs calculators, PDF generation, PopUp forms, the integration of CRM systems such as HubSpot, complex database interfaces – I have already found suitable solutions to all these tasks.

WPML – Multilingual content in WordPress

WPLML is the defacto-standard among the mutilingual plugins, which makes it easier for the user to prepare and display the content in  in multiple languages. I support my customers with the basic configuration of this extension as well as with the content. This can be very time-consuming, but with a few tricks this process can be optimized.

E-commerce with OXID or WooCommerce

Running an online store is no longer rocket science, but there are always new challenges that us keep web developers busy. As different as the customers and users are, so different are the individual wishes for features and design for the respective shop system.

Most of my experience is with OXID systems and I know of many extensions that help to customize this interesting system in many different ways. Graduated prices, B2B shopping functions and special requirements for user administration, price groups and other requirements can be implemented with OXID.

But also WooCommerce offers a lot and is very popular for simpler online shops, thanks to its seamless integration with WordPress.

In the recent past, I have also individually expanded and adapted Shopify installations for customers.

Miscellaneous – everything else around the web

Furthermore, I also like to update your web content, be it text content, graphics or photos – which I can also edit, retouch or compose. And if you have tasks that are not mentioned here, feel free to ask me about recommendations – even if I can recommend another freelancer from my network to you!

Recently, I also offer the implementation of documentation and help systems based on Adobe RoboHelp – more about that in my blog post Adobe Robohelp!

For all of this, I can of course also offer a fair package price, after I have had the chance to learn more about the scope of your project.

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